Past Issues Volume 4 Issue 3

1.Title: Improve Fault Tolerance and Dependable Data Integrity Protection of Storage System in Cloud of Clouds

Author: Neha Sharma, Sharavana k

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2.Title: Universal Profile Manager

Author: Poornima.B.A, Akshatha P S

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3.Title: Investigation of multi-object tracking with data organization and path controlling in images

Author: Chaitra J Gowda, Pavithra G, Dr. T.C.Manjunath

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4.Title: Runtime Service Discovery on Pull and Push Mode for E-Services

Author: A.Sukavani, Y.Mohana Roopa

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5.Title: Improving the Performance of Wireless Sensor Network Using Soft Computing

Author: Amit Singh, Khushbu Babbar

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6.Title: Structure Adaptable Digital Neural Networks Robot Reliability Using Petri Nets and Fuzzy Lambda-Tau(?-?)Methodology

Author: Partap Singh, Dr.Harvir Singh

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7.Title: Survey on Fast Nearest Neighbor Search with Keywords

Author: Suhas Basupattad, C.K.Srinivas

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8.Title: Whippy fluency of data mining using MANET

Author: Bhukya Suresh

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9.Title: Automatic Source to Source Translator for Heterogeneous Architectures (OPENMP+CUDA)

Author: Suman

Full paper download

10.Title: Three Fingered Robotic Hand

Author: Deepu V R

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11.Title: Spam and associated optimisation techniques

Author: Tanvir Kaur, Varinder Kaur Attri

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12.Title: Different Techniques in Software Testing

Author: Meenakshi, Ruby Panwar, Amit Kumar

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