Past Issues Volume 4 Issue 1

1.Title: Design and Simulation of NOC Router Using VERILOG

Authors: Talluri Deepak, T. Pattalu Naidu

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2.Title: Fingerprint Recognition and Analysis with ATM Terminal

Authors: Yenuganti Nageswari, A.V.Subba Rao

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3.Title: Design & Simulation H6 Transformerless Inverter for PV-System Applications

Authors: Brahmaji Golla, K. Sathish Kumar

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4.Title: Super Junction MOSFET based 1-ø Transformer-less Inverter for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Authors: M.Ramesh, K.Kranthi Pratap Singh

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5.Title: Improved Single Input Multiple Output High Efficiency DC-DC Converter

Authors: G.Swathi, K.Kranthi Pratap Singh

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6.Title: An Improved Single Phase Transformerless Inverter Topology for Cost-Effective Grid-Connected PV Systems

Authors: Gugulothu Venkatesh, A.Madhusudana Rao

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7.Title: Analysis of Power Quality Improvement in Grid Connected Wind Energy System using STATCOM

Authors: G.Ramesh, G.Vijay Krishna

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8.Title: Simulink Implementation of Multimachine Power System Stability Enhancement Using SSSC

Authors: B.Sravan Kumar, Pushadapu Vishnu

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9.Title: Simulink Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy Vector Control based Wind-Driven DFIG

Authors: A.Komalatha, A.Madhusudana Rao

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10.Title: Boostable Repeater Design using Multi stage charge pump

Authors: Sk.nannu saheb, Kadiumthirumalarao

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11.Title: Survey on Internet Initiatives in India

Authors: Aman Preet Singh, Harsimran Kaur

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12.Title: Analysis of performance of an AODV routing protocol using CPN

Authors: Meenakshi Dewangan

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13.Title: Linear Multiuser Detectors for Synchronous Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access Channels

Authors: B.Eswaramma,B.Saidaiah

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14.Title: Ranking Using Social Media Mining

Authors: Ketuk Shah, Pramod Prajapati, Vikrant Jethva, Prof. Shikha Moondra

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15.Title: Building a scaled system for secret p2p-botnet detection

Authors: Mr.S.Vimal, P.Bharathan

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16.Title: Digital Video Transmission over Mobile Networks

Authors: L.srikanth, M.V. Pavan Kumar

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17.Title: Real-time Lecturer Location Tracking System using Mobile

Authors: N.Kavitha,Bernad J Hayuma,R.Jayaraj,S.Karthikeyan

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18.Title: Mitigation of Power Quality Issues and power Quality Improvement using STATCOM control scheme in Grid connected Wind Energy Conversion System

Authors: B.Venkatesulu, D.Srinivas, G.N.S.Vaibhav

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19.Title: The Study of different Image Fusion Techniques

Authors: Ashwin Shenoy M, Suresha D

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20.Title: Application of Business Ethics and Values – A Biblical Perspective

Authors: Dr.Vijetha Mukkelli

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21.Title: Improving the effectiveness of microcontroller education

Authors: Lakshmi Patibandla, Sk.imam

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22.Title: Literature Review: Finger Cursor Using Gesture Recognition

Author: Suvarna Pansambal, Shiva Gupta, Akshay Chile,Karan Bagwe

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23.Title: Cryptography using 2D Cellular Automata rules

Author: Priyanka K. Kubal, Sarika K. Kubal, Deepali Maste

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24.Title: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Music Understanding in Embbeded system

Author: P.Monika Devi, Sathish.Y, Malavika.R, Nithinkumar.S, Latha.N

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25.Title: Role of Women in Economic Activities Comparing With Few Countries in Tourism Industry

Author: Mrs.V. Ratnakumari

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