Past Issues Volume 3 Issue 4

1.Title: Design of Fusion System Models for Network Intrusion Detection System

Authors: S.Jagan Mohan, D.Vinay kumar

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2.Title: Recognition of positive and negative anomalies from Real Traffic with IDS

Authors: Pappala Srinivasa Rao, S.Ravi Kumar

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3.Title: Securing Cloud Storage for Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing

Authors: G.Thulasiram, Y.LeelaKrishna

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4.Title: Slicing: A New Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Publishing

Authors: P.Ranga Rao, M.L.Gangadhara Rao, K.Ramya Krishna, D.Sailaja

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5.Title: A Statistical Model using layered approach for Spam Filtering

Authors: Sonia,Sachin Garg,Ankush Goya

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6.Title: A Survey on  Employee Performance Prediction using Data mining

Authors: M.Keerthana

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7.Title: Predicting Various Future Events from City’s Past Data on Cloud and City’s Dashboards for All Handheld Devices

Authors: Azmath Mohamad, Mrs. Hymavati M

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8.Title: Clustering Algorithm for Educational Data Mining: A Systematic Review of Literature and Techniques

Authors: M.Durairaj,C.  Vijitha

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9.Title: Consumer Protection in India

Authors: Ch.Ravi Kumar, Dr.D.Nageswara Rao, Dr.M.S.Narayana

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10.Title: Effective Measurement of Gray Level Features for Signature Verification

Authors: M.Nalini sri, A.Sarvani

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11.Title: Two Countermeasure Scheme For Secure and Privacy of Data in Distributed Fashion

Authors: Dr.S. Naganjaneyulu, K.Kiranmai

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12.Title: CMDPSO algorithm for Multi-Objective Feature Selection

Authors: B.Jaya Vijaya, Y.Mohana Roopa

Full paper download

13.Title: A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in India

Authors: ACMA Dr. Meenu Maheshwari, Puja Kaura

Full paper download

14.Title: A Multi-Stage Cryptographic Approach Using Mod-Encoder Algorithm

Authors: Balajee Maram, P Srihari, K Lakshmana Rao

Full paper download

15.Title: Energy Efficient and Reliable Reporting Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: M.Umashankar

Full paper download

16.Title: Geometric Shapes Recognition Using    Morphological Operations in Digital Image Processing

Authors: Seethalakshmi D, Sumathi P

Full paper download

17.Title: Applications of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems: An extensive review and future outline

Authors: Dr. M. Durairaj, D. Manikandan

Full paper download

18.Title: Firefly Algorithm for Solving The Standard Cell Placement

Authors: Manpreet Kaur, Anantdeep Kaur

Full paper download

19.Title: Network Coding Equivalent Content Distribution Scheme for Efficient Video on Demand Streaming

Authors: Mr. Manicka Senthamarai N, Mr.Mohammed Musthafa M P, Mrs. Karpagavallai S M

Full paper download

20.Title: SKED – Secure Key Encryption Decryption Algorithm Using Modulo 69

Authors: G.Muthukumar, Dr. E. George Dharma Prakash Raj

Full paper download

21.Title: Secure Transmission in Cryptography Using Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Authors: P.Guruvammal

Full paper download

22.Title: Prediction of Heart Disease Using Data Mining Techniques

Authors: Dr.A.Shaik Abdul Khadir, M.Shobeetha

Full paper download

23.Title: Study of Various Approaches of Agile Methodology

Authors: Ishita Verma

Full paper download

24.Title: Persuasive Cued Click-Points – A Time Interval Based Approach

Authors: Neenu Mol

Full paper download

25.Title: A Heuristic Approach for the Optimization of Traveling Salesman Problem by Genetic Algorithm

Authors: Jyoti, Kapil Chawla

Full paper download

26.Title: Managing A Cloud for Multi-agent Systems on Ad-hoc Networks

Authors: Kasaragadda Ankarao, R. Lalu Naik, Pemmasani Gangadhararao, Dodda Naga Babu

Full paper download

27.Title: Improving Security And Efficiency In Attribute-Based Data Sharing

Authors: K.Ramya Krishna, M.L.Gangadhara Rao, D.Sailaja,  P,Ranga Rao

Full paper download

28.Title: RIHT: A Novel Hybrid IP Traceback Scheme

Authors: D.Sailaja, M.L.Gangadhara Rao, K.Ramya Krishna,  P,Ranga Rao

Full paper download

29.Title: Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks with Cut Detection

Authors: L.Ramya Krishna, A.Madhava Reddy, K.Gayatri,  D.Nagababu

Full paper download

30.Title: Filtering of Redundant Messages from OSN User Walls

Authors: M. Sudheer Kumar, M.V. Pavan Kumar, P. N. Vara Lakshmi K , Ch. Bhargavi

Full paper download

31.Title: Facilitating Manuscript Annotation Using Content and Querying Value

Authors: G.Sarojini, M.Nikhita, Surya Praveen Kumar Potti, A.Rajeswari

Full paper download

32.Title: Smart card based Remote User Authentication Scheme for Multi-Server Environment using hash function

Authors: Bikkasani.Lakshmi Tirupatamma, T. Narendra Babu, Guntupalli Peddababu, Gangisetty Nagakalyani

Full paper download

33.Title: Image Restoration Using Memory Learning Framework

Authors: Ch. Bhargav, M.V. Pavan Kumar, P. N. Vara Lakshmi K, and Atluri Kavitha

Full paper download

34.Title: Updating of Sink Points for Summarization of Multiple Ranking

Authors: B. Chinnababu, B.Ramesh, Ch.Triveni , P. Padmavathi

Full paper download

35.Title: PMSE: A Personalized Mobile Search Engine

Authors: Atluri Kavitha, M.V. Pavan Kumar, P. N. Vara Lakshmi K, M. Sudheer Kumar

Full paper download

36.Title: Buffer Sizing for 802.11 Based Networks

Authors: Ch.Triveni,   B.Ramesh, B. Chinnababu, P. Padmavathi

Full paper download

37.Title: Image Interpolation by Adaptive 2-D Autoregressive Modeling and Soft-Decision Estimation

Authors: CH.Samatha, K.Gayathri, A.Madhava Reddy,  T. Sajana

Full paper download

38.Title: Privacy- and Integrity-Preserving Range Queries in Sensor Networks

Authors: Dodda.Naga Babu, R.Lalu Naik, Kasaragadda Ankarao, Pemmasani Gangadhararao

Full paper download

39.Title: To Lie or to Comply: Defending against Flood Attacks in Disruption Tolerant Networks

Authors: B.Durga Prasad,  K.Gayathri,  A.Madhava Reddy,  P.Deepthi

Full paper download

40.Title: Network Intrusion Detection and Countermeasure Selection in Virtual Network Systems (NICE)

Authors: Lalitha, P N Varalakshmi K, Venkata Pavan Kumar M, Giri P S

Full paper download

41.Title: Two tales of privacy in online social networks

Authors: Aila.Siva Kishore, M.Srikanth Yadav , P.Radha Madhavi, A.Supriya

Full paper download

42.Title: Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks with Packet-Hiding Methods

Authors: P. Padmavathi,  B.Ramesh , Ch.Triveni , B. Chinnababu

Full paper download

43.Title: Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies

Authors: Sri Lakshmi, M. Srikanth, B. Ramesh

Full paper download

44.Title: Vampire attacks: Wireless ad-hoc sensor networks for Critical Verve

Authors: P.Deepthi, K.Gayatri, A.Madhava Reddy, B.Durga Prasad

Full paper download

45.Title: Modeling and Recognition of Camouflaging Worm

Authors: Surya Praveen Kumar Potti, M.Nikhita, A.Rajeswari , G.Sarojini

Full paper download

46.Title: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud

Authors: A. Supriya, M.Srikanth Yadav, P .Radhamadhavi, And Aila Sivakishore

Full paper download

47.Title: New Web Content Filtering:An Implementation

Authors: V.K.T.Karthikeyan

Full paper download

48.Title: A Novel Hybrid Approach to Improve The Framework of Penetration Testing

Authors: Navneet Kaur,Ramandeep Kaur,Suman Khurana

Full paper download

49.Title: Unwanted Messages Filter system for OSN User Walls Policy based Personalization

Authors: T Bhavya, Y. Mohana Roopa

Full paper download

50.Title: Vampire Attacks: Detection and Blocking in Wireless sensor network

Authors: V.Sharmila, Mr K. MuthuRamalingam

Full paper download

51.Title: A Routing graph-based proposal system towards an Efficient Website design

Authors: D.Santhi, K.Hajarathaiah, S.Sivanageswarao

Full paper download

52.Title: A Standard numerical approach for spam (unwanted Messages) detection in Online Social Networks and Access Control using Semantic Web

Authors: K.Mercy Priyanka, D. Mangammma, B.Jhansi Vazram

Full paper download

53.Title: Energy Efficient Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks Based On Fuzzy Ant Colony Optimization

Authors: A.M. Bharath Kumar

Full paper download

54.Title: Design and implementation of a cloud computing service for predetermined component study

Authors: V. Divya Harika, D. Mangammma, M.sireesha

Full paper download

55.Title: Android-Based Universal Vehicle Diagnostic and Tracking System

Authors: Cherukuri Subodh, Dr.S.Siva Reddy,Ashok kumar Balijepalli

Full paper download

56.Title: Optimum Resource Allocation using Threshold-based Dynamic Allocation Scheme for Cloud Computing

Authors: Ch.Manasa, T. Ravi kumar, Dr.S.N.Tirumala Rao

Full paper download

57.Title: Multilevel Cascade Converter Based Statcom for Reactive Power Compensation

Authors: Ashok.Pagolu, D.PrasadRao

Full paper download

58.Title: Eye Movement Analysis for Driver Drowsiness Detection System

Authors: Revathy P S, Nishadha S G

Full paper download

59.Title: Secured Solution and Detection against Black Hole Attack in MANET by finding the Optimum Path in AODV protocol and high secured data transmission using Steganography

Authors: G. Maybel Keerthi, M. Lalli,  V. Palanisamy

Full paper download

60.Title: Merging & Hiding Image on Image Based Stego Using Novel Based & Lsb

Authors: D. Sivakrishnan, Dr. Smitha Evelin zoraida

Full paper download

61.Title: Study of Different Brain Tumor MRI Image Segmentation Techniques

Authors: Yogesh Dewangan, Aakanksha S. Choubey

Full paper download

62.Title: Computer Aided Diabetic Retina  Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms and Hemorrhages in Digital Fundus Image

Authors: S.A.Jameel, C.Satya

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