Past Issue Volume2 Issue6

1.Title: A Study on Investors Preferences for Mutual Funds in Indian Stock Markets

Authors: Ms. Shalini H.S,  Dr. R. Duraipandian

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2.Title: Approach for estimation of Data Ware House Projects/Data Marts using Function Point Analysis

Authors: Srinivasa Rao Kosiganti

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3.Title: Aspect Based Opinion Mining: A Survey

Authors: Richa Sharma, Shweta Nigam, Rekha Jain

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4.Title: Design Optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Genetic Algorithm

Authors: T P S Kumar Kusumanchi, B.Ramamohan, Shaik Azeez

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5.Title: Maximum Likelihood Carrier Frequency Offset Blind Estimation Algorithms with OFDM for Multipath Fading

Authors: Ashish Kumar Choubey, Mr. Gajendra Singh

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6.Title: Image Quality Improvement using Anisotropic Diffusion Techniques

Authors: Hemant Kumar Sahu, Mr. Gajendra Singh

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7.Title: Region Based Image Segmentation Based On Active Contour Model and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with Localized Region

Authors: Napoleon, R.Santhoshi, A.Shameena

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8.Title: Security Aspects of Cloud Computing: An ingredient for Green Computing

Authors: K C Gouda, Nilotpal Chakraborty

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9.Title: Performance Analysis of a 2 x 2 SFBC and STBC MIMO-OFDM System in a Rayleigh Fading Channel using QPSK Modulation

Authors: P.Sunil Kumar, M.G.Sumithra, M.Sarumathi, E.Praveen Kumar

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10.Title: Unsupervised Opinion Mining: A Survey

Authors: Shweta Nigam, Richa Sharma, Rekha Jain

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11.Title: Prioritization of Test Cases for Boolean Specifications

Authors: Usha Badhera, Annu Maheshwari

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12.Title: Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Khushbu Babbar, Manali Singh, Kusum Lata Jain

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13.Title: A Survey on Applicability of Genetic Algorithms for Web Search

Authors: Pooja Bassin, Manisha Sharma

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14.Title: A Survey on Anaphora Resolution

Authors: Smita Singh,  Priya Lakhmani

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15.Title: Review on Different Techniques and Evolution parameter of Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Authors: Miss.Priti.N.Parikh, Prof.Shrikant Lade, Prof.Manish.K.Suman

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16.Title: Study of Fec Encoding Scheme on Hybrid Wdm/Tdm Passive Optical Network

Authors: Shahana Bano, R.S.Yadav

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17.Title: Advanced Image Restoration for Headway Video Recorders

Authors: Dr.D.R.V.ASharath Kumar, Ayesha Tarannum, G.Sujata

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18.Title: Examining Student’s Confidence in Learning Programming Language

Authors: R.Karthik, V.VisnhuPriyan, S.Arunkumarsangaiah

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19.Title: Students Performance Evaluation Using Data Mining Techniques

Authors: V.M.Giridharan, R.Dinesh, Arun Kumar Sangaiah

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20.Title: A Parametric Analysis of Static and Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms for Performance Improvement of Distributed Systems

Authors: Rupal D. Bhatt, Dr. D.B.Choksi

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21.Title: A Study on Factors Affecting Student Academic Performance Using Statistical Approaches

Authors: Pushpaveni C,     Arunkumar Sangaiah

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22.Title: Analysis Influence of Factors Affecting the Service Quality of a Hotel-The Customer Perspective

Authors: K.Lavanya , J.Bhuvaneswari , Arun Kumar Sangaiah

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23.Title: Effects of College Student Employment on University Accomplishment

Authors: Kumaravel.N,  Aravind kumar K , Arun kumar Sangaiah

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