Past Issue Volume1 Issue2

1.Title: Effective Mobile Advertising with Subscriber Permission

Authors: Purna Chandra Rao Ankani, G.Bharathi

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2.Title: Bidding Algorithm Used for Allocation in Ad-Hoc Networks

Authors: Mr.M.Vijayapal Reddy, Mr.B.Ranganatharao

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3.Title: Development Rural Area with Mobile Application

Authors: Hamid Reza Barzegar, Nehat Alidad, G.Praveen babu

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4.Title: Performance Evaluation of a Wimax System on Different Modulation Technique

Authors: Sonia Siwatch, Gaarima saini

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5.Title: Impact of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) on the Management of Fertilizer Industry in Andhra Pradesh: A Comparative Study of Pre and Post ICT Settings

Author: Mr.B.Ranganatharao

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6.Title: Analysis of Early Leaf Spot Disease and Damage by Helicoverpa Armigera Pest on Groundnut Leaf using Image processing

Authors: Sandeep Kumar E., Benak Patel M.P.

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7.Title: Secured Message Communication for Disaster Planning in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Authors: Hamid Reza Barzegar, AbdolMajid Shahgholi, G.Praveen babu

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8.Title: CBIR Retrieval from Multimedia Information

Authors: Vaishali .V.Sarbhukan, Prof.V.B.Gaikwad

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